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Ready, Steady, App-tion! Posted On 16 June 2021

The apps you need to know about to enhance your summer


‘There’s an app for that’ is a phrase often banded about- for good reason, it really does seem these days that there is an app for just about everything. With the market flooded with competitors, it can be difficult to sort which apps are actually useful. This guide will talk you through some apps which will actually make your summer plans run more smoothly, rather than overcomplicating them!

Unless you’re planning an indoor activity, the chances are whatever you’re doing will be affected by the weather so staying informed of potential downpours is a no-brainer. The weather, however, is not the most thrilling of subjects. ‘CARROT Weather’ adds a little bit of variety to this dry topic. Upon first installation, you’ll need to decide on the personality of the app, do you require a cheery weatherperson, or would a snarky commentator amuse you more? If you’re a hay fever sufferer, ‘klarify’ offers users daily pollen counts based on location and allows you to see the times of day it might be best to stay indoors.

Heading out with the kids or giving them a little independence? Try the ‘Go Henry’ pocket money app to begin teaching your children about finance. Your child will receive a debit card which you are able to load with funds from the app. You will receive alerts whenever the card is used detailing where and how much has been spent.

‘Project Noah’ will encourage your kids to become explorers. They will be at missions to discover local flora and fauna, snap and upload pictures of their finds to reveal more about them.

Exploring somewhere new? ‘Field Trip’ will act as your pocket tour guide. Upon reaching your destination a card will pop up with facts about it or if you connect Bluetooth a voice will speak to you via headphones or audio.

If you have limited vision or if you’d like to support those who do, ‘Be My Eyes’ is a fantastic app which allows users to gain help with tasks from reading product labels to matching accessories with outfits. When a user requires help, the volunteers are called via the app and can choose to respond or let it dial out if they are busy.

So whatever you’ve got planned this summer, let apps do a little bit of the work for you. What are you waiting for? Get planning and get downloading!

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